Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kasms Seal Cover

What a three week hangover sounds like

part of Vagabondo 2009, an online festival. We played the 'Peripheral Vision' stage. I can't begin to comprehend or bother to find out how an online festival works but it sounds cool

Tour van fun times

Wilhelm Reich

The object of the (politically motivated) scientific community's opposition of Dr. Reich's work was his 1940 invention the "orgone accumulator". The orgone accumulator, a box large enough for a person to sit in and constructed of alternating layers of organic and inorganic substances, was used to successfully treat his patients for various ailments.

Reich said orgone was the “primordial cosmic energy”, blue in color, which he claimed was omnipresent and responsible for such things as weather, the color of the sky, gravity, the formation of galaxies, and the biological expressions of emotion and sexuality. It was the construction of these boxes that caught the attention of the press, leading to wild rumors that they were “sex boxes” which caused uncontrollable erections.-wikipedia

Reich's experiments with sexuality and neurosis, orgone energy as a treatment for cancer and his oranur experiment which attempted to cure radition sickness led to massive scrutiny in the US. His communist roots didn't help

I would like to plead for my right to investigate natural phenomena without having guns pointed at me. I also ask for the right to be wrong without being hanged for it.
— Wilhelm Reich

In 1956 Reich was arrested when an associate attempted to cross a state line with some of his equipment. Shortly after Reich's arrest, FDA officials traveled to Orgonon, Reich's home in New England, where they smashed the accumulators, and burned many of his books. In March 1957, he was sent to Danbury Federal Prison, where a psychiatrist examined him, recording: “Paranoia manifested by delusions of grandiosity and persecution and ideas of reference.” Reich died in prison shortly afterwards

I still dream of orgonon
I wake up cryin'
You're making rain
And you're just in reach

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Voice in the Wires

strangely organic

Friday, 22 May 2009

KASMs bid to create early banshees vibe foiled


I am glad we come across as rich though, we are loaded mate!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

the human RACE

Dear the human RACE
Thank you for making such lush music, your last gig was a total bliss out. Slight problem though; do I seriously have to wait almost a month for my next euphoric hit? Why not book a show in the mean time. We all know you have the connections

Yours truly,

Gemma Fleet BA (Hons) K.A.S.Ms

p.s How does you drummer get his hair so shiny?


More info

Message to Rachel


I have been the "boule noire " concert , you are so rock N roll. when you jump into the public i was the only one to wear you but you fall down. .

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Oh yeah....we released our album this week

That got rid of one of those outstanding things to do before i'm thirty, I got a special pat on the back from mum and just need to have a baby now....... Along with the recording I am pleased that we did the album artwork ourselves; Scott took the photo for the cover, I made the costume Rachel wears and Rory was the lighting tech photoshop whizz kid who bought it all together.

////Here Rory takes us through the album track by track://///

‘Male Bonding’ - To be honest I never thought this would end up being a single. This song took the longest to finish of all the album tracks - it originally was like a krautrock-esque ten-minute epic of cascading repetition and delay, but it somehow turned into a tasty slice of pop-pumpkin pie with the help of some strange violin stabs and some retarded synthesisers at the end. Oh, and it was named after this awesome band we know.

‘Insects’ - This is one of our slower, more dense numbers; slightly more well behaved, less puerile, quite heavy, not quite doom though but heavy enough. I'm a fan of the call and response vocals from Rachel and Gemma, plus it's got some tasty clicky-rim drum bullshit.

‘Taxidermy’ - This was our first single - this album version is quite a different recording though, as the original was just a band practise recording and had a ton of energy and snottiness. I hate re-recording stuff - I think it destroys the integrity of what the song originally was when it was fresh. In a perfect world songs would be written, practised for long enough so that you can make it though to the end without having to stop, and recorded before you've got too comfy in your boots. However, this version turned out pretty good - it's the oldest songs on the album and I’m glad it hung in there and made the record.

‘Spayed’ - We had this random violin thing I recorded hanging around for a while, we ended up putting it on a sampler, effecting it with some delay/reverb et cetera, then Rachel triggered it with a stick while singing at the same time. It was quite freeform - we had bits but no structure as such, and it just kind of came together as we recorded it live. It's a more drone-y, dirge-y, beast of a song, a sound similar to an old track called 'Elevator' we recorded a while back. We're big fans of this song and we'd happily write more songs that sound like this. Also I'm not sure what the lyrics are about but apparently it’s pretty deep, so listen closely and have your soul cleansed.

‘K.R.I.H.’ - The second oldest song on the album, written when we were all very new at playing with each other and were still not quite sure what we were trying to do. It starts off with a quasi-Melvins riff and turns into some kinda of driving Sonic-Youth-y keg party at the end.

‘Don't Hit The Bottom’ - A slightly different-sounding song, which our label described as sounding a bit John McGeoch-era Siouxsie and the Banshees, which isn't a bad thing and not toooo far off the mark. We've been compared to the Banshees a few times in the past which I generally think is a pretty sloppy comparison, but acceptable in this case. It's slightly epic (a dirty word) and more complicated than a lot of our songs, while at the same time still being quite upbeat. There's even a piano or two in there and with it being close to being a mammoth four minutes it's like our ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

‘Bone You’ - First song on side two (remember side two?), which is currently an imaginary side as the vinyl still needs to be etched and sent to the factory. Probably the most hectic and chaotic sounding song. Our second single: fun, puerile, with a slight tinge of exotica.

‘Trenchfoot’ - this was originally titled 'Christopher Robin' and then 'Armies of the Watchtower', but we decided this sounded a tad too Lord of the Rings/apocalyptic Jimi Hendrix. We stuck with the war theme though when we chose ‘Trenchfoot’. It starts slow then there's one long build up to a speed chaos chariot-riding climax. We still can't play this song properly.

‘Siren Sister’ - We originally released this as the B-side of our first single - a bad mistake as we didn't want to put a B-side on the record as it's our best song, we disrespected it by relegating to B-side status. I also like the way the title sounds like it was named after the town Cirencester.

‘Mackerel Sky’ - I really like this song too, but although we recorded it live I'm not sure we've ever managed to capture it as well as when we play it live (we recorded this song previously, too). I like it more than the original basement recording, though. It's got some chunky bits in it.

‘Toil and Trouble’ - ‘Mackerel Sky’ and ‘Toil and Trouble’ are one song really, as we normally play them together live. It was separated from its twin on our EP but we kindly reunited it with its other half on the album. It's kind of like our original menacing and dirgy statement of intent. Again, this is a live favourite for us, and I could quite happily play that same guitar line for ten minutes… although I play the guitar at the end of this song like fat-fingered pillock, slap-dash, but maybe that's the point. I think I might prefer the original, I dunno. Good marauding bassline on this one.

‘Murmur’ - We wrote this song in half an hour the night before we recorded it, and along with ‘Siren Sister’ and ‘Spayed’ it turned out to be one of our favourites. It's a really complete sounding and together song. We even managed to put a reggae beat in it without it sounding shit… I know that doesn't sound good on paper!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The beginning of time revealed....... possibly

Right now I am totally into Plankc

In short: The big bang caused variations in the distribution of matter across the universe; a sort of shock relic. The Planck satellite which launches tomorrow aims to measure tiny variations in temperature differences within this strewn matter in order to create among other things a space-time curvature map which may enable scientists to pinpoint the beginning of time and to some extent prove hyper inflation. Pretty crazy stuff...Will we see God?

COSMIC New Scientist Article

'Vicious post-hardcore group KASMs join GOSSIP tour' LOL

Article about the above because i am too lazy to gush about how exciting this could be