Friday, 7 August 2009

DASH SNOW - (July 27, 1981 - July 13, 2009)

While on tour in NY with KASMs I met Dash Snow through some friends of mine. Dash Snow as you may well know is a well known NY artist who became prominent after Saatchi bought up his work, he predominantly worked with photography but was also part of the graffiti scene known as the IRAK crew.

I met Snow in a bar called Sweet & Vicious, a bar he drank in regularly. I have to say he was very drunk but was determined to get me to go to a cool club called Lit a few blocks away which was the only place in NY I found you could freely smoke in. At this time it was unknown to me he was battling a drug addiction. We all met up a few days later to go and see one of his friend’s exhibitions in Chelsea. This is where the photo below was taken of me and Dash Snow and the last time I met him. Snow never had a mobile phone and was difficult to contact to meet up but you could be sure to find him in Sweet & Vicious with friends.

Snow died on the evening of July 13, 2009 at Lafayette House, a hotel in lower Manhattan from a drug overdose. I am not sure what exactly happened but incredibly sad.

Please check out his work, some links below.


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