Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sleep Disorders

Having a real interest in sleep disorders in particular sleep paralysis and its relation to accounts of alien abduction/devil ancarnate I found this new article really interesting.LINK Most people I have talked to about this have suffered from sleep paralysis at one point in their life and there are many theories as to why it happens. I've had it but I think that was because I spent a day drinking blue and green cocktails in the sun. I feel bad for people who have it all time. scary.

Kasms are curently tapping into this unconscious consciousness and living the dream.


  1. That's really weird that you should post an article about this as I've been up about 'parasomnias' a lot recently. My band have a song called 'Paralysis' about sleep paralysis (written before I joined), but it's something that I experienced a lot a few years ago... I haven't had it for years now, but it used to terrify the living shit out of me.

    What I think is particularly interesting is the common ideas across various cultures about the idea of it being a demon, or something similar. It's also interesting to note that it's far more common amongst ethnically African people.

    It's a fascinating thing, the whole area.

    Was reading up about exploding head syndrome recently, that is particularly interesting an odd I think...

  2. shudder! I will have to check that out

    waht is your band called please?

  3. Apparently the new A Place To Bury Strangers album is named after it! So there you go...

    Me band is called Sellotape ( :)

    Hope you crazy cats are coming back to Scotland soon, by the way!