Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Band Map from Hoaxine issue 1

Here is the band map from Hoaxine issue 1. You can buy the zine online for the charity Crisis by following the link.

It centres on The Human Race somewhat of a supergroup with whom Kasms and about everyone else I can think of are affiliated by members. Please email me with any screaming errors, i did this mostly out of my head so it might not be exact. This map is by no means complete, in constant flux and will be work in progress for some time. It will one day cover an area the size of a football pitch.

There are a few blasts from the past here. I'd like to get a recording of a 16 year old Rachel's first band Ostara. The band featured Rachel and her super talented cousin Lucy Kitt. Ostara or Eostre is a goddess who gave her name to the spring equinox/ Easter


  1. Couple of extras you could add on...

    Kid 'Congo' Powers was in The Cramps and The Bad Seeds, he was also in The Gun Club.

    Thomas Wydler from The Bad Seeds, and Jochen Arbeit and Rudi Moser from Einstürzende Neubauten were in Die Haut (Lydia Lunch, Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld and others did vocals with them too).

    Martin P. Casey was in The Triffids.

    Ed Kuepper was in The Saints.

    Mick Harvey was also in Crime & The City Solution, as was Rowland S. Howard, and Alexander Hacke.

    James Johnston was in The Bad Seeds, Gallon Drunk, and Big Sexy Noise with Lydia Lunch. He collaborated with Phillipe Petit, who has also collaborated with Lydia Lunch. And he played on Dot Allison's last album. He was in ...bender with his wife Geraldine Swayne, and Steve Gullick, the latter also being in tenebrous/Tenebrous Liar (with Ed Harcourt and Duke Garwood in the past, among others). Gullick also plays live with Soulsavers, featuring Mark Lanegan (linking way up to the top with QOTSA, and Screaming Trees, as well as). JJ is also in Faust, alongside GS.

    Mark Lanegan also links to Isobel Campbell (who in turn links to Belle & Sebastian), The Twilight Singers and The Gutter Twins (both of which link to Afghan Whigs via Greg Dulli). He also links to PJ Harvey, who appeared on one of his albums, as well as Josh Homme's Desert Sessions.

    Terry Edwards is in Gallon Drunk and Big Sexy Noise.

    Mick Harvey has also played with and produced PJ Harvey, as has Rob Ellis who has also played with Dot Allison.

    Dot Allison has of couse worked with Death In vegas, so there's a whole shitload of artists you could link to them.

    Jim White and Mick Turner from the Dirty Three have played with Cat Power, as has Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth (he's also played with Daniel Johnson). White and Turner have also played with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

    B.'P.'B. has recorded with Tortoise, who are linked to Slint through David Pajo who is also Papa M etc.

    Anyway, maybe there's a couple of links you didn't have, apologies if it's entirely useless though! What can I say, I'm a bored insomniac... Correction, I'm a bored insomniac music geek.

  2. And my apologies, that ended up a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would... I could probably find more. I better stop though or I will literally be here all night.

  3. thanks Andrew. i will start this off again soon

  4. No problem, I couldn't resist...

    Oh! Oh! Thought of another one! Roland Wolf was in the Bad Seeds and Einstürzende Neubauten (very briefly with the latter before he was tragically killed in a car crash).

    Like I say, I can't resist shit like this. Good work so far though! x