Sunday, 28 February 2010

Weird love heart mystery solved

from Wikianswers:
There was a nationwide competition to have your own personal message immortalised on a Love Heart.

The winner chose the following messages

Think Pink, Joyful Jo, Granny P, Me Julie Best Mum, Juicy Jessie, I Luv Alan, Happy Harry, Heart Baby, Kin of U Home and Mermaid Eloise.

Granny P was my mother Anne Peterson from Greenock, my daughter Jo always called her Granny P. My wife and i had twins boys, sadly after my mother passed away . My Wife entered the competition thinking it would be nice for Jo and a memory for the twins, Jack & Dyaln that Granny P never knew.

So that answers 'who is Granny P ' a kind and loving mother & Granny who is greatly missed


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  1. "Bone you" by Kasms one of the best artworks of 2009